Fundamentally, I'm driven by the belief that it’s time to put meaningful community engagement back into local politics. My grandmother taught me “to whom much was given, much would be required." Because of her, I'm passionate about service to my community.

- Essence Johnson


  • Every child deserves a quality education. We know what works. Our schools need funding. The current finance formula for per-pupil funding is outdated. Essence will work with lawmakers to change the formula. With a modern funding model in place, we can fight for competitive pay for teachers, smaller class size, vocational training programs, special education services and professional development. Our schools will have the resources to improve educational outcomes for all of our kids.


  • The Hope Scholarship is a lifeline for so many Georgia students. Essence will work to preserve Hope and to expand opportunities so that students get the education and training they need without accruing debilitating debt. Essence will also push for funding for pre-K and technical college programs. When we expand education opportunities, we all win.


  • Learning should not be compromised based on one’s socioeconomic status. Essence will work with our school communities to make sure that quality educational resources, including skilled teachers and rigorous curricula, are available to all students. Essence will push for need-based aid programs to support our lowest-income students.


  • Our schools must be able to address the diversity of today's classroom, such as special education needs, academically advanced children and our racially, ethnically and culturally diverse student body. Differences must be seen as assets, and our learning environments must be safe, inclusive and respectful. Teachers need continuing education and training opportunities to help meet the needs of our changing classrooms. This must be a priority in our district.



  • Essence will fight and advocate for affordable healthcare options, coverage for preventive services, provider choice and the expansion of Medicaid. Healthcare should not be wealthcare. Everyone needs access to quality health services, no matter their ability to pay.​

  • The Georgia uninsured rate is 12.9% - the 5th highest in the country. Georgia must expand Medicaid to care for veterans, low-income families, the elderly and those with disabilities. Without Medicaid expansion, the uninsured rate could rise to 25% by 2026. Further, the state will leave 33 billion dollars on the table over ten years if we do not expand Medicaid. These are dollars that can keep Georgians healthy, and a healthy community benefits all of us.


  • Currently, Georgia has just 4 insurers in the exchange. Cobb County has a single insurer. Essence will work to incentivize insurers to give Georgians more health coverage options.

  • ​These are common sense measures to make healthcare more affordable for everyone. Smart healthcare legislation will save money in our public hospital system and improve our health outcomes on critical issues, such as maternal deaths. Georgia has the highest maternal death rate in the nation. This is unacceptable. It is time for committed action on healthcare.


Economic Development

  • When we invest in education and job training, we have graduates who come back to partake in our community. Essence will advocate for training, certification and apprenticeships to help residents prepare for highly-skilled, well-paying jobs in the workforce. We need vocational training programs put back into our schools - programs like welding, plumbing and electrical engineering. This investment in workers is a win-win situation, as companies benefit when they employ highly-skilled members of the community.

  • Essence is a strong advocate for small business. Her husband is a small business owner, and she believes that these businesses are the backbone of our country. We need to equip entrepreneurs with tools for success. Essence will advocate for access to capital, tax incentives, and technical support. Essence will fight for small businesses to receive tax breaks for hiring from our community and for providing on-the-job training to youth and seniors.


  • Our district needs innovative transportation solutions. Without smart planning, gridlock will get worse. As our community grows, our transportation infrastructure needs to grow with it. We need forward-thinking transit solutions that provide modern and accessible options in our community. 

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